WI Fire Captain Killed in Natural Gas Explosion

The U.S. Fire Administration released a notice on the death of a young firefighter with the Sun Prairie (WI) Volunteer Fire Department who was killed in a natural gas explosion.

On July 10, 2018, at approximately 1830hrs, a natural gas line was struck during an underground boring operation. Natural gas began to vent from the ground in various locations around the boring operation. Sun Prairie fire and law enforcement officers began an evacuation of the area. An explosion occurred at approximately 1905hrs, resulting in the death of 34-year-old Captain Cory James Barr, injuries to a number of people, and extensive damage.

Captain Barr was on the scene prior to the explosion and worked with other firefighters to shut off utility services to the Barr House, a bar located near the gas leak. The firefighters had exited the bar when the explosion occurred. Captain Barr was buried in debris. He was removed by firefighters and transported to the hospital by ambulance although he did not survive. His cause of death was multiple blunt trauma.


Funeral Held for Fallen Sun Prairie (WI) Fire Captain

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