Damaged Albany firefighter helmet

Albany (NY) Firefighters Forced to Bail Out in Two-Alarm Fire

Two Albany (NY) firefighters were compelled to bail out to escape deteriorating conditions during a two-alarm fire last week, according to a report.
Fire pours from a window as firefighters are poised outside the structure with hoselines

Photos: Crews Face Water Supply Issues at Albany (NY) House Fire

Firefighters operating at a house fire earlier this week in Albany, New York, had to contend with a broken water main, according to Sidewinder Photography.
Firefighters pull hoselines from a rig, ready to combat the fire

Photos: Firefighters Control Massive Multi-Alarm Fire in Schodack, NY

Sidewinder Photography shared some photos from a recent multiple-alarm fire in a commercial garage in Schodack, New York.
Terry McGrath, Scott Thompson, and company

Humpday Hangout: Why Are You Here?

Terry McGrath and Scott Thompson talk with their guests about why they serve and what brings them to work every day.
Darryl Liggins, Dennis LeGear, Mike Dugan, Phil Jose, and Bobby Halton

Humpday Hangout: Modern Fire Attack

Mike Dugan, Daryl Liggins, and Bobby Halton talk to Phil Jose and Dennis LeGear about fire attack with tank water vs. laying in.
Ricky Riley, Aaron Heller, Donny Fletcher, Bobby Halton, and Mike Richardson

Humpday Hangout: Outside-In Fires

Ricky Riley and other members of Traditions Training speak with members of the ISFSI about "outside-in" fires.
Bruce Varner, Dennis Rubin, P.J. Norwood, and Bobby Halton

Humpday Hangout: The Wingspread Conference

P.J. Norwood and Bobby Halton talk with guests Bruce Varner and Dennis Rubin about the Wingspread Conference.
Terry McGrath, Brian Brush, Scott Thompson, Bobby Halton, and John Salka

Humpday Hangout: 2021 Fireground Civilian Rescue Research Project

The panel is joined by Brian Brush to discuss the Firefighter Rescue Survey and the 2021 Fireground Civilian Rescue Research Project.
Will Garcia, Bill Gustin, Kate Dernocoeur, Mike Dugan, Dan Shaw, Sam Hittle, Darryl Liggins, Clark Lamping, and Jason Hoevelmann

Humpday Hangout: Mentoring and Influence in the Fire Service

Mike Dugan and the rest of panel consider the influence of mentors in the fire service. They are joined by special guests Kate Dernocoeur and Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Lieutenant Will Garcia.

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