LA Wild Well Catches Fire, Burns Workers Trying to Control It

Hoses running from a fire truck

PATTERSON, La. (AP) — At least seven people were injured when a wild well in a coastal Louisiana marsh caught fire while they were trying to control it, news outlets report.

The owners said Wednesday that the fire was out within two hours after it started Tuesday, and the flow of gas was minimal.

“Additional well control personnel are on the scene to develop a plan to secure and plug the well and protect the environment,” Texas Petroleum Investment Co. of Houston said in a brief statement emailed by a public relations company.

The abandoned natural gas well blew out Sunday while a crew was trying to plug it, the company said. It said the fire started while contractors were trying to get the well under control.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources confirmed that Wild Well Control of Houston personnel were on site Tuesday when the well exploded into flame, KLFY-TV reported.

Wild Well Control did not immediately respond to a call requesting comment.

Four people were evacuated for treatment, Texas Petroleum Investment said.

Sabrina Williams, regional director of communications for Ochsner Health – Bayou Region, told the station she knew of seven people injured at the platform, including three who drove themselves to a hospital.

The well is about 18 miles (29 kilometers) south of Patterson, which in turn is nearly 55 miles (88 kilometers) south of Baton Rouge.

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