Larson Electronics Releases 300 Watt LED Security Spotlight Tower on Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame

With over 40 years as a leader in the industrial and commercial lighting industry Larson Electronics continues its commitment to providing high-grade lighting equipment to specialty markets with the release of a 300 watt LED security spotlight tower. This new light tower is ideal for security and corrections applications and contains a 300 watt LED lamp capable of throwing a spotlight beam up to 1,700 feet in length.

The WAL-TSL-300W-LED security spotlight tower from Larson Electronics is designed to be an effective security and corrections lighting solution that produces a powerful spot beam that can be adjusted to track moving objects on the ground. The light head is comprised of a 300 watt LED lamp that produces 29,580 lumens of light for an intense and powerful spotlight beam capable of illuminating objects up to 1,700 feet away. The light head is adjustable both vertically and horizontally by a handle mounted on the rear of the aluminum frame. Unlike metal halide lamps, this LED light does not use a ballast, allowing for instant on lighting and reduced overall weight. These LED units have an IP68 rated construction and can withstand rapid temperature changes of -40C to 80C, are water proof to three meters, and resist ingress of dust, dirt and humidity. The housing is formed from extruded aluminum and the lens is constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate.

The light head on this unit is mounted to a three foot tall aluminum pole with a rectangular base that is predrilled with four holes for easy permanent mounting to flat surfaces such as floors or walls. Included with this light tower is twenty-five feet of SOW cord which is terminated in a standard 5-15 straight blade plug. This lamp is multi-voltage capable and can operate on voltages ranging from 120 VAC to 277 VAC for compatibility with a wide range of power sources. A tough powder coat finish rounds out this tower security light system and provides a rigged security lighting solution that will last for years.

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