FDIC Int’l 2021: TFT’s CrewProtect Air Filtration System Protects Crews After the Fire

At FDIC International 2021, Task Force Tips (TFT) introduced its CrewProtect multi-threat air filtration system to attendees on the Indianapolis Convention Center floor.

CrewProtect is a unique, self-contained, comprehensive air filtration system for enclosed apparatus cabs that protects first responders from the multiple threats they face each day. CrewProtect can be installed easily into new or existing apparatus by OEMs, apparatus dealers, or apparatus service shops.

Here, TFT Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Philip Gerace runs through the many ways in which the system protects fire crews and EMS workers from particulates, viruses, and other volatile organic compounds.

Firefighters face significant risks today, not only during response, but after the call as well. After leaving a fire, personnel, clothing and equipment are contaminated with cancer causing particulate soot and some items will continue to off-gas VOCs that can be inhaled for up to 45 minutes. In addition, medical responses and close quarters in apparatus, increase the chance for exposure to a range of bacterial and viral threats.

Unlike competitive products that address only one or two threats, CrewProtect attacks all three significant problems for firefighters including particulates, VOCs, and aerosols carrying bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19). 

CrewProtect is a comprehensive and simple solution to help protect first responders from the multiple harmful and carcinogenic airborne contaminants that other filtration systems miss.

TFT has partnered with its sister company, Purafil, one of the largest air filtration companies in the world, to integrate proven and patented filtration technology into CrewProtect. Similar filtration systems are used globally today in hospitals, industrial sites, schools, telecom, energy sites, agriculture, and food production.

Learn more at https://crewprotect.net.


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