FRC inView 360 HD Video System

FRC has announced upgrades to its existing inView 360 video system. Introducing inView 360 HD—now in high definition, providing crisp vivid video and recordings. inView 360 HD is an around-vehicle monitoring system that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time, 360-degree view around the fire apparatus. The system increases visibility around the apparatus while also providing increased safety, protection from potential liabilities, and other advanced vehicle tracking capabilities.

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The standard system consists of four cameras to provide a 2D, around-vehicle view (top view). The four live images are combined, blended, and stitched capturing all surrounding area including blind spots of the vehicle. The system is capable of connecting another 1-2 cameras to monitor other areas. Now featuring recording as standard, an optional recorder is no longer required.

The new inView 360 HD system features 1080p video output, allowing high-definition video viewing and recording. Four SD card slots are available for up to 1 TB of total storage. A built-in DVR securely records “all connected cameras” individually. This can be a great resource for insurance purposes when used in legal proceedings. The DVR also features a built-in GPS, accelerometer, and event marking (panic) with a push button.

The inView 360 HD provides the apparatus driver with split screen view. The bird’s-eye view is always visible providing a 360-degree view around the vehicle. This unique view allows the operator to see pedestrians and obstacles in close proximity to the apparatus or vehicle. The second view on the display switches between a front/left/right/rear view depending on the operational conditions. The driver can easily toggle between views: pushing the driver button allows the operator to change camera views quickly and easily.

A user-selectable “on screen overlay” provides operational safety by allowing the user to set the width, length, and position of the overlay for their specific apparatus. This provides the driver with visibility to the area required for deployment of outriggers, water dumps, tool boards or filling water tank vehicles. This unique feature saves critical positioning time.

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