Mark Lamplugh Joins the National Fire Heritage Center Board of Trustees

The National Fire Heritage Center announces Mark W. Lamplugh, Jr. to the Board of Trustees. Mark is a fourth-generation firefighter and the former captain with the Lower Chichester (PA) Fire Company; he currently serves as the President on the Board for the Institute for Responder Wellness. With an extensive background in a laborious position and from a family tree of firefighters, Mark will be the ignition that is needed to elevate the National Fire Heritage Center’s mission in preserving the history of “fire in America.”

Including Mark as an addition to the Board of Trustees displays the talent that is needed to help push the National Fire Heritage agenda. With Lamplugh’s fireman background, he also has a repertoire of 20-years of administrative experience with a portfolio demonstrating his expertise in Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations that has effectively generated millions of dollars of business to several national companies. Lamplugh has also published books titled “Beginners Guide to Digital & Social Media” and “Marketing Playbook For Social Media,” which made it on the top 100 Social Media Marketing Books of All Time by Book Authority. He is also the Head of Marketing & Growth for Maryland Oncology Hematology, which operates 11 Cancer centers throughout Maryland and part of the US Oncology Network. Lamplugh is the host for the Firefighter Wellness Radio podcast, which runs on the Fire Engineering Podcast platform.

“With Mark as a bonus to the team, it is with sureness that he would be a great asset to the progression of the National Fire Heritage Center,” said Bill Killen, President/CEO.

Mark’s zeal and professional background are essentially needed as the Board of Trustees are tasked to preserve the organization’s continuous archive collections. With Lamplugh’s expertise, he will bring in more funding, growth, marketing, and promotions that will increase the rate of visitors, as well as assisting in the collection of historical documents and archives.


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