Ramfan: Tools for Large Structure Ventilation

Ramfan large volume
Ramfan large volume

Is your department ready to quickly respond with ventilation support to area-wide, large structure incidents?

Large volume of high-velocity airflow is required for ventilating large and complex structures. Quickly removing smoke, engine exhaust, toxic gases or vapors from a large confined area increases safety of both personnel and property, reducing the chances of unexpected combustion, toxic inhalation, and general atmospheric danger.

  • Malls
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Transportation Terminals
  • High-Rise Building Stairwells & Lobbies

Get Prepared – Stay Prepared

Join our webinar and see how departments are greatly reducing their critical response time for ventilating large structures.  You’ll hear case studies how departments have solved this challenge of providing ventilation support in extreme missions:

  • Distributed Deployment Strategy
  • Rescue Operations
  • Less Structural Damage
  • Effective Cooling

Sign-up now to join the webinar: July 30: 1pm/ET; Noon/CT; 10am/PT

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