Rope Rescue Device for Technical Operations

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Petzl has released the MAESTRO, a premium rope rescue device for technical operations.

The development of the MAESTRO, an intuitive and reliable mechanical belay device, expands Petzl’s rescue solution offerings. The device integrates a unidirectional progress capture pulley with a descender, which greatly maximizes efficiency and limits the amount of equipment and users needed to access and evacuate casualties in vertical or confined space environments. This all-in-one advantage makes the transfer between raising and lowering simple and rapid. A high-efficient pulley on sealed ball bearings provides excellent hauling capability. Similar to the new I’D line, the AUTO-LOCK system is automatically engaged when the handle is released without requiring any action from the user.

Key Features

  • A “95 percent efficiency” progress capture pulley.
  • Efficiency and adaptability when switching between lowering and hauling.
  • Ergonomic control handle and integrated braking features provide a comfortable range of friction control.
  • A string can be attached to the handle for overhead or remote operation.
  • AUTO-LOCK feature locks the rope whenever the handle is released and doesn’t require manipulation from the user.
  • Becket attachment point provides the ability to create a 5:1 mechanical advantage.
  • Intuitive rope loading with markings on device.
  • Large control handle that pulls away from the anchor point.

The MAESTRO S is compatible with 10.5- to 11.5-mm ropes, can handle loads up to 550 pounds (250 kg), and carries an NFPA “T” rating.

The MAESTRO L is compatible with 12.5- to 13-mm ropes, can handle loads up to 617 pounds (280 kg), and carries an NFPA “G” rating.

The MAESTRO descender line will be available for purchase in January 2020.

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