FE Volume 174 Issue 5

Read the May 2021 issue of Fire Engineering, which contains features on firefighting in bowling alleys, experienced-based fire attack principles, UAVs in public safety, and more!


Command, Coordination, and Drones Key at Bowling Alley Fire
A large fire occurred twice—and it wasn’t a rekindle—in the largest building in one small Ohio township’s jurisdiction. JOE PRONESTI

Tactical Procedures for Explosive Gas Alarms
Here are important size-up procedures, strategic planning, and tactical steps to add to your explosive gas response SOP. JERRY KNAPP AND BRIAN FOCHT

Fire Attack: Experience-Based Principles and Practices
Firefighting is an experience-based profession, continually learned over time and based on time-tested principles and practices. Consider the operational knowledge used in the fire attack. JEFF SHUPE

The Right Foam for the Job
There appears to be some confusion as to when to use Class A foam and when to use Class B foam. Can you choose the right foam for the job? PATRICK L. BROWN

UAVs in Public Safety: The Next Steps in Technology
Now that unmanned aerial vehicles are standard pieces of equipment for many public safety agencies, learn what technology is on the horizon. RYAN GIFFORD

Evaluating Fireground Exposures: Why the Sample Matters
Although you can’t see the chemicals to which you are exposed in firefighting and may not feel them affecting your body, scientists have come up with some creative methods to measure your exposures. EMILY M. BONNER AND

Can You Hear Me Now?
Equipment, procedures, and training are all significant factors in managing any emergency operation, but the importance of effective communication cannot be overstated. THOMAS DUNNE

Evaluating sUAS Drone Pilot Skills
Agencies that fail to establish flight skills standards for their small unmanned aircraft systems’ pilots risk exposure to additional liability. ALAN FRAZIER


EDITOR’S OPINION: “Known and Unknown”

VOLUNTEERS CORNER: “Bringing Fire Department Communication to the Next Level”


FIRE/RESCUE STREETSENSE: “Three Reasons to Train”

Drawn by Fire: A Prickly Predicament




ON FIRE: “The Floor Below”

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