FE Volume 174 Issue 6

Read the June 2021 edition of Fire Engineering magazine, with exclusives by Severen Henderson, Robert Callahan, Hossam Shalabi, and more!


Cold-Water Rescue from Rapidly Sinking Truck   

During the height of a nor’easter snowstorm, Stamford (CT) Fire Department crews were called to a marina for a vehicle in the water. Two victims—one briefly underwater—were successfully rescued. MATTHEW PALMER AND DAVID HARRIOTT      

My Mistakes May Save Your Life  

The author gives a harrowing first-person account of his Mayday and what you can do so it won’t happen to you. SEVEREN HENDERSON      

Preparing for Low-Frequency/High-Risk Events in Small Departments  

Presented here is a framework to evaluate your risks and respond to such incidents, even if you have never responded to them before. ROBERT CALLAHAN      

Every Picture Tells a Story: Light/Air Shafts  

It is critical to expect the presence of air/light shafts in old attached buildings and to know the dangers of operating near such shafts. ANTHONY AVILLO      

Roadway Incident Safety: Safe Operations for Rural Roads  

Most traffic incident management training programs are geared toward urban/suburban roadways, not more rural environments, where there are no high-speed, limited-access highways. That is about to change. JACK SULLIVAN      

Size-Up Critical to Safety  

In today’s world, size-up needs to be even more comprehensive than ever before. You may be facing an unexpected situation such as a deadly contagious disease, a civil disturbance, an active shooter, or who knows what else. DANIEL BEHNAM AND ROBERT LINCOLN      

The Fukushima Daiichi Explosion and Fire Probabilistic Safety Analysis 

Historical data is essential to quantify, to calculate the probability of an event occurring, and to measure the consequences. Improving your severe accident management will improve overall safety. HOSSAM SHALABI

Supplement: The June 2021 Wildland Urban Interface Supplement


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