FE Volume 174 Issue 7

Read the July 2021 issue of Fire Engineering, which features our FDIC International 2021 preview, Anthony Kastros and Brian Brush on civilian rescue, and more!

Read the July 2021 issue of Fire Engineering, which features our FDIC International 2021 preview, Anthony Kastros and Brian Brush on civilian rescue, Steve Marsar on a six-alarm fire in New York City, Bill Gustin on warehouse fire tactics, and more!


Six-Alarm Fire at Historic Church
More than 200 firefighters from more than 44 units confined this conflagration to the original fire buildings. STEPHEN MARSAR

Warehouse Roof and Overhead Door Tactical Considerations
Prefire planning is key to successful operations in warehouses whose roofs are often prone to early collapse in a fire. BILL GUSTIN

Civilian Rescue: The Reason We Exist
The time has come for us to focus on civilian rescue as much as we do on firefighter rescue. BRIAN BRUSH AND ANTHONY KASTROS

The Job of a Fire Officer: What the Books Don’t Teach About Managing and Leading
Being in command involves so much more than just running an emergency scene. ADAM LAUER

Using Job Aids to Improve Performance
Job aids are used in high-consequence fields to improve performance and reduce the risk of failure. DAVE DONOHUE

Closing the Communications Loop on the Fireground
Most communications loops in the fire service lack closure in the form of postincident feedback—the tailboard critique. DAN SHAW

Gaining a Tactical Advantage: Setting the Tone During the First Hour
Here are some suggestions to set yourself up for success by managing the first hour of your shift. DENNIS REILLY

The New Officer: Your Leadership Journey Begins
A major part of the leadership journey is learning from mistakes and not making them twice. RYAN GRAY


The Anatomy of a Rescue
Purpose, preparation, and execution are key to a successful rescue. DAVID J. STONE

Leadership: What Are Your Personal Core Values?
Here’s a challenge to create your own mission statement and core values and live by them every day. STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI

Communication and Maydays
The roles that leadership, standard operating procedures, training, and communication play in calling a Mayday. DONALD ABBOTT

Earning the Title “The Professional Volunteer”
Being a professional firefighter in a professional organization is under your control. THOMAS A. MERRILL

Complacency and Actual vs. Theoretical Danger
Theoretical danger is a distraction that takes focus away from the mission and leads to errors. MICHAEL J. BARAKEY

Setting Your Training Program Up for Success
Follow these important steps to set your training program on the right path. BECKI WHITE


EDITOR’S OPINION: “The Goofy Times”

VOLUNTEERS CORNER: The Volunteer Firehouse ‘Two-Door Theory’

TRAINING NOTEBOOK: “Turning Networking into Resources”

FIRE FOCUS: “Passaic (NJ) Queen Anne Dwelling Fire”


THE PROFESSOR: ‘It’s on the Property Line’

WHAT WE LEARNED: “High-Rise Rooftop Fire Challenges Suffolk (VA) Firefighters”



ON FIRE: Redundancy

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