FE Volume 174 Issue 8

Read the August 2021 issue of Fire Engineering, which features features from Jim Silvernail, Tim Kreis, Stephen F. Shaw, Caleb Langer, Cedric Patterson, and more!


What It Means to Be the Chief     

Your intentions and motivations as the head of the department will set the agenda for your tenure in the top role. JIM SILVERNAIL

Revisiting Incident Action Plans and the Incident Management System     

The incident action plan guides the incident commander in determining the right strategy and tactics to use at an incident. TIM KREIS

Fire Service Leadership: Preparing the Next Generation      

Start developing the leaders who will take your place as you move on, promote, and eventually retire. STEPHEN F. SHAW JR.

Fast Forward: Water Supply for the Modern Fireground

We must ensure companies do not run out of the water they need to accomplish the mission of saving lives and property. CALEB LANGER

Create an Inspired Team in 100 Days or Less      

Learn the lessons from the author’s mistakes and victories during his first 100 shifts as a fire officer. ERIN R. BARGER

Succession Planning: Identifying, Developing, and Retaining Quality Chief Fire Officers     

Strong leadership and culture will motivate officers to remain with the department and develop new officers. CEDRIC PATTERSON

Enhancing Responder Scene Safety: The Six-Layer Concept  

Understanding human behavior is the key to providing patient care and making rescues while remaining safe. JARRED R. ALDEN, JAY SEESE, AND LYNN WESTOVER

Building Trust: Decentralized Idea Making     

When a firefighter is allowed to embrace the creativity requisite to be good at the job, the service provided is maximized. MIKE EMILLIO


EDITOR’S OPINION: Banned by Popular Demand

TRAINING NOTEBOOK: Quick Task Accomplishment: Engine Company Primary Search




ON FIRE: Small Town, Big City Problems


The 2021 Apparatus Supplement

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