FE Volume 174 Issue 9

Read the September 2021 issue of Fire Engineering magazine, which includes a look back at the 9/11 attacks 20 years later. It also features firefighter training articles from Mike Walters, Jeremy Rifflard, Dan Shaw, Nick Peppard, and more.


What Has Changed Since 9/11?   

Those who can best answer—Fire Department of New York officers who survived the devastating terrorist attack—share their insights on this 20th anniversary.     

Cutting Rakers: The Mark/Cut-Mark/Cut Method

How to use the speed square and make basic raker cuts during structural collapse operations. MIKE WALTERS      

Rope Rescue Transition Techniques onto a Roof with Or Without a High Anchor    

Placing one independent system on top of an existing rope system enables you to transition from a building’s face to the roof. JEREMY RIFFLARD      

Proactive RIT: Preventing a Mayday   

A RIT crew who is light, mobile, and fast has a better chance of removing the victim from the structure.

Rescuers vs. Rescued: Are Our Priorities Backward?   

The fire service must continue to emphasize firefighter safety but not at the cost of civilian lives. TAYLOR J. QUINNELL      

The Long and Short of It: Maximizing Primary Search on the Suburban Fireground   

What if the engine could extinguish or confine the fire while also beginning the search effort simultaneously? NICK PEPPARD

Control, Command, and Communicate to Manage the Mayday   

We can adapt the airline industry’s Aviate-Navigate-Communicate to the fire service and use Control-Command-Communicate to give the incident commander a tactical reset and alter an incident’s outcome. DAN SHAW


EDITOR’S OPINION: The Past, the Present, the Future

VOLUNTEERS CORNER: Messaging for Volunteer Recruitment

TRAINING NOTEBOOK: Last-Ditch Top-Side Rescue




ON FIRE: Fantasy Firefighter


The 2021 Firefighter Wellness Supplement

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