$ 1,000,000 for Fireboat

$ 1,000,000 for Fireboat

Approval has been given for the expenditure of $1,000,000 for the construction of a fireboat for New York City, which when added to the cost of marine architects’ fees previously appropriated, will bring the cost of the boat to $1,065,000.

The preliminary studies indicated that the proposed boat, because of the weight of machinery, will be considerably heavier than first anticipated, and therefore will require a larger displacement.

The hull will be designed for greater speed. There will be steel plates, so that the boat can be used for an ice breaker. It will have two rudders with duplicate control, air cooling and conditioning, air compressor for drill into concrete docks and other waterfront structures.

The boat will have two diesel engine driven generator sets, two main direct current generators and an excitor, and two propulsion motors. Each diesel engine will be of 1,200 horsepower at 720 r.p.m. The hull work will meet the specifications of the U. S. Steamboat Inspection Service.

The first fireboat. the William L. Strong, placed in service in 1898, cost $56,490, and the John J. Harvey, the last in line, was constructed at a cost of $607,260 and placed in service in 1931.

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