10-State Unit for Civil Defense

10-State Unit for Civil Defense

Appointment of an interstate committee to draft a ten-state civil defense compact in the Northeast was announced as September closed by Assemblyman Harold C. Ostertag, chairman of the Eastern Conference on Civil Defense. Godron Tiffany, Attorney General of New Hampshire, was named chairman of the committee.

The pact would permit the ten states to provide mutual aid across state lines in case of a war emergency. Since it would require Congressional consent, the conference, which met at the Waldorf in New York City on September 21 and 22, urged Congress to approve the LodgeMcCormack resolution which would give consent in advance to such pacts.

Several New England States and New York have mutual aid agreements but the new plan contemplates a much broader compact backed by the necessary legislative powers.

The interstate committee will work with a representative of the Office of Civil Defense of the National Security Resources Board.

Besides Chairman Tiffany, members of the committee are: Orville S. Poland, representing Gov. Paul A. Dever of Massachusetts; Gen. Merritt A. Edson, Director of Civil Defense in Vermont; Col. Lawrence Wilkinson, director of New York State Civil Defense Commission; Harrington Adams, Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania; Nathaniel Haskell, speaker of the House of Representatives in Maine; Rep. Earle M. Byrne of Rhode Island; Roger F. Gleason, director of civil defense in Connecticut; State Sen. Raymond B. Phillips of Delaware, and Col. Leonard Dreyfuss, director of civil defense in New Jersey.

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