100 Die in Mine Blast

100 Die in Mine Blast

Over one hundred persons were killed, eighty seriously injured and many more were hurt as the result of the explosion of a ton of dynamite in the No. 2 shaft of the Anacola mine at Alsdorf, Rhenish Prussia.

The rescuing squads, reinforced by Dutch and Belgian miners from neighboring mines, have little hope of rescuing the 150 men entombed alive. The men are imprisoned at a depth of 1,550 feet.

This is the second large German mine disaster within four months. The previous one at Neurode, Silesia, resulted in a death list of more than 150 persons.

Mack Adds Special Apparatus for Fighting Brush Fires At the last convention of the Pacific Coast Chiefs, considerable interest was evoked in a special Mack fire apparatus designed for fighting brush fires that are so common in that section. It has the standard chassis and engine of the 500 gallon pumper. A two-stage centrifugal pump with a capacity of 150 gallons at 120 pounds pressure is used. The apparatus carries a water tank that runs the full length of the body. It is provided with a large manhole to facilitate cleaning. The tank may be removed without disturbing the chassis. Because it carries its own water supply, the pump may be operated even while moving along the road.

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