11th Annual Purdue Arson Investigators’ Seminar

11th Annual Purdue Arson Investigators’ Seminar

The eleventh annual Seminar and Training Course for Arson Investigators will be conducted at Purdue University. Lafayette, Ind., April 25-29, 1955. it was announced by Professor Shelby Gallien, Director of Purdue’s Public Safety Institute.

This seminar and training course offers opportunity for specialized study and discussion of arson investigation problems under guidance of outstanding police and fire specialists. It is conducted by the Public Safety Institute of Purdue University and, since its establishment in 1945, has achieved international recognition as the center for such specialized training.

Enrollees, who come from the United States, Canada and other countries, have opportunity to study and discuss specific arson problems of interest to fire department personnel, enforcement officials, insurance investigators, military personnel, laboratory technicians, court officials, pathologists, psychiatrists and others who through their activities have an interest in detecting and exposing arsonists.

Further information and complete details of the 1955 Arson Investigators’ Seminar are available from the Public Safety Institute, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.

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