12-Page Recruiting Brochure Developed by Seattle F. D.

12-Page Recruiting Brochure Developed by Seattle F. D.

A 12-page, hard-hitting recruiting brochure, “Can YOU Make the Team?” has been prepared by the Seattle Fire Department.

With the emphasis on teamwork and pride in being a member of the Seattle Fire Department, it was designed by Seattle Fire Department personnel and Communication Northwest, a public relations firm.

“Although we’ve been conducting a rather sophisticated recruiting campaign for the past four years (billboards, radio ; and television spot announcements, plus occasional publicity stunts), in recent months it became evident that we needed an additional tool—a certain touch to round out our program,” Chief Gordon F. Vickery explained.

“We operate in a tight labor market, and to attract the type of candidate we need, we had to produce in the most professional manner possible an attractive brochure stressing excitement, rigid qualifications, benefits and community service,”

The brochure has a check-off form listing qualifications for a recruit, and photographs and sketches carry the message home. The brochure was designed to be distributed in fire stations and civil service offices or to be used as a mailer in answer to inquiries.

“We also plan to distribute copies to all two and four-year colleges in the state,” Vickery added. “I feel we’ve developed a brochure capable of attracting the interest of college students—and these are the young men we must have to continue our growth.”

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