$120,000 Fire in Pittsfield, Mass.

$120,000 Fire in Pittsfield, Mass.

Pittsfield, Mass., recently experienced a $120,000 fire which required a general alarm for Pittsfield apparatus plus additional help from the neighboring towns of North Adams and Lenox. The first alarm was turned in at 12:06 a.m. when the fire was discovered in the Mills Building. The second alarm was sounded at 12:09, and the general alarm at 12:12. About 12:30, after the fire had consumed the fourth floor of the building and adjoining and nearby buildings were being threatened, additional aid was called in.

Twelve engine lines and eight hydrant lines, all 2 1/2-inch hose, three deluge sets, one wagon gun, and an eighty-five foot aerial truck serving as a water tower were used. The apparatus included one 1,000-gallon pumper, four 750-gallon pumpers, one aerial truck, one city service ladder truck, three hose wagons, and one floodlight and one rescue wagon.

In the early stages of the fire, firemen aided to the street residents of nearby apartment houses that were being threatened by sparks and flames. The Lenox Company was under the direction of Chief Oscar Hutchinson, and the North Adams Company was under the direction of Chief J. E. Saunier. Chief T. F. Burke of the Pittsfield Fire Department commented on the efficient work of the two companies summoned from outside.

The fire was confined to one building which housed a pool room, a newsstand, and an arcade to the Capitol Theatre on the ground floor, and a furniture storage firm on the three top floors.

Scene of the Pittsfield Fire Scene of the Pittsfield Fire Exterior view of the building ruined as a result of the fire.

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