16 mm Films

16 mm Films

DISASTER! PRE-HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT OF MASS CASUALTIES, Abbott Laboratories, Audio-Visual Services, 565 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017; color, 24 min., $160.

Using a simulated air collision, this film highlights major planning considerations, such as adequate manpower and equipment, command post, communications and transportation.

The film stresses that with a plan, the unexpected can be anticipated and the number of fatalities and the amount of property loss may be reduced. THE DROWNING MACHINE, Filmspace, 615 Clay Lane, State College, Pa. 16801; color, 20 min, $360.

This film shows two ways to rescue victims trapped in the hydraulic at low-head dams.

Videotaped segments of on-the-spot reports are combined with interviews with survivors and rescue demonstrations.

FIREFIGHTER ON THE WITNESS STAND, Film Communicators, 11136 Weddington St., N. Hollywood, Calif. 91601, 22 min., color, $425.

Courtroom skills needed in a fire fighter’s testimony to secure an arson conviction are discussed in this film, the first in a series on arson and the fire service.

Emphasis is placed on the preparation and teamwork that is necessary to provide evidence in court.

FIRE IN AMERICA, National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, Mass. 02269; color, 28 min, $395.

This film provides a historic view of over three centuries of fire in America, from the Plymouth, Mass, fire of 1621 to the 1980 MGM Grand Hotel fire.

The film demonstrates the need for improved fire suppression and-national safety education programs.

FLAMMABLE LIQUID FIRE SAFETY, Film Communicators, 11136 Weddington Street, N. Hollywood, Calif. 91601, color, 18 min, $295.

This film outlines the methods of using, storing and transporting flammable liquids. The value of sprinkler systems and proper storage of hazardous materials are also stressed.

16 mm Films

16 mm Films

CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION, English or Spanish, 23 or 31 min. respectively, slide program with audio cassette, $130.

In this film, administering CPR to both adult and infants is explained in detail. Approved American Heart Association techniques such as clearing the airway, restoring breathing and maintaining circulation are demonstrated.