16mm Film Library

16mm Film Library

MUTUAL AID—THE “US” IN INDUSTRY (DOD CD 20-237), Office of Civil Defense; color, 25 1/2 minutes; on loan from Army Audio-Visual Communications Centers.

Describes disaster that resulted in mutual aid organization of 11 industrial plants in New Jersey area, and uses simulated disaster to illustrate interdependence of industry and local government in an emergency.

TEXAS HAS A BRAND NEW SCHOOL (DOD CD 5-236), Office of Civil Defense; black and white, 20 minutes; on loan from Army Audio-Visual Communications Centers.

Illustrates how dual-purpose fallout shelter areas were included in the original design of a Texas high school.

DONALD’S FIRE SURVIVAL PLAN, Walt Disney 16mm Films, 800 Sonora Avenue, Glendale, Calif.; color, 11 minutes.

Co-stars Donald Duck and Walt Disney in showing the need for a fire exit plan for the home and how to put it into action.

SUDDEN BIRTH, Golden State Film Productions, 1032 Mariposa Avenue, Berkeley, Calif.; color, 23 minutes.

Story of birth in an auto, sponsored by the California Peace Officers Association and aided by the Alta Bates Hospital, shows what the fireman can do in an emergency.

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