1971 Ambulances

1971 Ambulances

This Superior ambulance built on a Cadillac Chassis features 54 inches of headroom. A Pontiac model also is offered with this higher headroom. The 1971 line provides maximum interior space and wide door openings. The floor has been lowered to provide more room in the patient compartment.

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The Wayne Vanguard based on the Chevy Van provides a patient area of over 390 cubic feet of working space in addition to 38 cubic feet of compartmentalized storage space. The whole left wall constitutes a dispensary cabinet. A large sliding side door permits the driver to position the vehicle within 5 inches of his objective.

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An emergency room on wheels is Superior's Ford ambulance. Double door openings at side and rear are provided for easy patient handling.

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Cotner-Bevington's new Cotington 48 ambulance is built on a special Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight/CB heavy-duty chassis with a 455 cubic inch Rocket V-8 engine. It has a headroom of 48 inches and features extra-large rear and side doors.

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Wayne Corporation has raised the headroom of its Chevrolet-powered Sentinel ambulance to 54 inches. The rear loading area measures 57 by 40 inches, sufficient to load wheelchair patients upright. Four litter patients can be accommodated.

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The S&S Kensington, built on a Cadillac chassis, can accommodate all the emergency equipment recommended by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. The electrical system can supply power for the lastest life-saving equipment and there are options of a built-in oxygen supply, plus electronic heart monitoring and cardiac resuscitation systems.

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The Miller-Meteor Lifeliner features extra-large doors extending high into the roof for easy loading. The rear compartment of this unit, which is built on a Cadillac chassis is 113 inches long, 66 inches wide and has 54 inches headroom.

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