1974 Ambulance and Rescue Units

1974 Ambulance and Rescue Units


The Bendersville, Pa., Community Fire Company has placed in service this fire and rescue truck from Reading Body Works. Designed for the special needs of rural fire departments, it is mounted on a four-wheel-drive, 3/4-ton Chevrolet. It can carry a 10-foot boat and has a 250-gallon water tank.

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Superior's 61 ambulance, built on a Dodge 300 Maxivan, has a 129-inch patient compartment with 61-inch headroom, a 25-inch aisle and 68.4-inch back door. It accommodates a full-size ambulance cot and built-in squad bench.

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The Miller-Meteor Criterion is built on a Cadillac chassis with 64 inches of headroom in the emergency action center and 54 inches in the cot area. It features a dispensary cabinet two-thirds of the length of the rear compartment left wall.

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This Wayne Care-O-Van, built on a Dodge chassis, features a patients' compartment of 366 cubic inches with 61 inches headroom. An action wall on the left side of patients' compartment has an electrical console and modular-type cabinets.

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Cotner-Bevington's ambulance, built on an Oldsmobile NinetyEight/CB chassis, is available with both a 54 and 48-inch headroom. Loading height at rear is 27 1/2 inches above the ground with wide and deep side and rear doors.

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The Superior 54 ambulance shown here is built on a Pontiac chassis. It is also available on a Cadillac. It comes with a choice of floor plan packages for rescue, ambulatory patient care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc.

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Hess & Eisenhardt's S&S Professional Hi-Body ambulance, built on a Cadillac chassis has 55 1/2 inches of headroom. Such life-sustaining equipment as built-in oxygen system, cardiac resuscitation system and electronic heart monitoring are optional.

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