2 Types of Attack Urged For Mobile Home Fires

2 Types of Attack Urged For Mobile Home Fires

A mobile home fire fighting manual I have written for the Houma, La., Fire Department describes attack procedures for fires confined inside a trailer and those that have broken out of a trailer.

An attack on a confined fire involves quick, aggressive action with a booster line. From the outside, break a window in a burning room, apply a fog stream for 20 to 30 seconds, shut the nozzle, advance to the next room and continue this procedure until the fire is extinguished in all rooms. With an average of four or five rooms in a mobile home, one man with a booster line can cover all the rooms in two to three minutes. If the attack is made from the interior, wear self-contained breathing apparatus and advance a booster line into the trailer. Locate the fire, which is not always easy to do, confine the fire and then extinguish it quickly and aggressively.

When fire has broken through a mobile home, especially in a crowded trailer park, a 1 1/2-inch line must be used. Make the initial attack between the burning trailer and the exposure. First sweep the exposure with the hose stream and then immediately sweep the burning trailer. Continue this alternating use of the hose stream while advancing between the burning trailer and the exposure. You should cover the length of a burning trailer in 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. The fire should be under control when you reach the end of the burning trailer. Now work back and mop up any remaining fire in both the trailer that burned and the exposure. All this can be done by one man on the line.

If two men are available, a line can be advanced on each side of the burning trailer with faster control of both trailer and exposures. Using this technique, a burning mobile home and exposure can be handled with the 500 gallons of water in the booster tank of an engine.

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