3 Die in Boat Fire

3 Die in Boat Fire

Three persons died and ninety were saved when a Chesapeake Bay liner burned to the waterline near Baltimore. Md. The “City of Baltimore” was sailing for Norfolk the night of July 29. It was about twenty miles south of Baltimore harbor when fire was discovered below. Members of the crew tried to fight it, but could get no water. The flames spread with great rapidity and within five minutes the entire threedeck superstructure of the boat was afire. Captain Brooks turned the boat into the wind to keep the fire away from passengers in the bow of the ship.

Doctor Ogden, a Fire Department Surgeon saw the fire from bis summer home and telephoned Chief Travers in Baltimore. The Chief ordered two fireboats, engines 48 and 49, to proceed to the fire. They arrived within forty-five minutes. Other summer residents also observed the fire and set out in every available boat to effect rescues. Several

lifeboats had been lowered, but many passengers were forced to jump into the bay. There were plenty of boats on hand however to pull them out.

The Orchard Beach and Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Departments turned out with their new ambulances. Secretary P. W. Wilkinson ordered seven ambulances of the Baltimore Fire Department to the scene. Later he dispatched No. 2 floodlight. Annapolis sent a rescue truck and an ambulance. The injured were rushed to city hospitals by ambulance and boat.

The Hull of The City of Baltimore After Fire Had Burnt Away Its Three Decks

Burned to fhe Water’s Edge

The two fireboats could do nothing for the burning liner. The entire three deck w’ood superstructure was swept clean to the steel hull. The boat had been grounded off Bodkin Point and the fireboats remained alongside flooding the hull.

At the probe, Captain Brooks hinted at arson, stating that labor organizers had been making trouble. An empty kerosene can and several bacon rinds were found on the shore off which the fire occurred.

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