42 City, State Pumpers Built to California Specs

42 City, State Pumpers Built to California Specs

Pumpers bought in California have 1000-gpm single-stage pumps and 800-gallon tanks

Photos by Bob Swan

The Fire and Safety Division of the California Office of Emergency Services has recently accepted delivery of 42 1000-gpm pumpers.

Ten pumpers have been lent to fire departments with the stipulation that they can be recalled with a two-man crew for disaster service anywhere in the state. The state retains title to these pumpers and the departments that have custody of them can use them only as a reserve piece or for multiple alarms or training.

The other 32 pumpers went to fire departments that took advantage of the quantity purchase under standard specifications and paid $28,000 or less for each pumper.

Colors differ

Colors of the apparatus were divided with 15 painted red, six white and the balance lime yellow. All state units were lime yellow, a first for OES units.

Although minor design variations were permitted for local units, all pumpers are basically the same. Of the total, 10 state and 21 local have Caterpillar diesel engines and Allison MT650 automatic transmissions, also a first for state pumpers. The main pumps are single-stage Hale. A Hale centrifugal booster pump permits pump-and-roll tactics. An 800-gallon tank provides plenty of water for sustained attack while awaiting a supply line or nurse hookup.

Two 2 ½ -inch hose beds handle up to 750 feet each. The pumpers also carry 300 feet of l-inch booster line on a reel, a 150-foot lli-inch preconnected line and two 1 1/2 -inch coupled lines. In addition, a deluge set is mounted behind the cab, although it is not shown in the photos.

Another feature is the hinged aluminum diamond plate hose bed covers, which keep hose dry, prevent ignition from flying objects and provide an ideal platform for armed guard personnel.

Additional details may be obtained by writing Chief Dick Barrows, Fire & Safety Division, OES, P.O. Box 9577, Sacramento, Calif. 95823.

Aluminum deck over hose bed is one of the features of new pumpers.

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