50 Years a Fireman

50 Years a Fireman

More than two hundred persons gathered at the American Legion clubhouse. Riverside, Cal., to honor Chief E. H. Mosbaugh who observed his fiftieth anniversary as a fireman. His fire service dates from March 18. 1888.

In 1899 he went to Redlands where he served in the Eire Department for nineteen years, of which twelve years were as Chief. He went to Riverside in 1919, and after serving as Assistant Chief, was promoted to Chief in 1930.

He was presented a gold diamond set watch fob in the form of a fire badge.

Telegrams were read from Fire Chiefs and officials from many parts of the United States.

Chief Gardner, Kansas City Patrol, Has New Car A Packard Eight was purchased for the use of Chief W. H. Gardner of the Underwriters Fire Patrol, Kansas City, Mo. The car is equipped with shatterproof GLASS for windows, and windshields, a first aid kit, and a Federal doubletone siren with red flashing light. The car is painted a dark red

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