70th Conference Is Held By New York State Chiefs

70th Conference Is Held By New York State Chiefs

Photos by Herbert J. Thomas

Newly elected officers are (from left) Chief Francis J. Quinlan, Cortland, 1st vice president; Robert G. Butterfield, Tioga County coordinator, president; and George MacPeek, Bowmanville, 2nd vice president.Chief Rainer Alho, Helsinki, Finland, and Howard D. Tipton, NFPCA administrator.

A report from the administrator of the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration, a look at the National Fire Academy as it stands today, how the fire department in Helsinki works and “collapse” (physical) as it affects a fireman were the major subjects covered at the 70th meeting of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs. More than 4900 chiefs, wives, and friends attended the conference which was held in early summer of this year at the Hotel Concord in Lake Kiamesha, N.Y., for the 10th consecutive year.

Keynote speaker was Howard D. Tipton, who discussed the aims, goals and accomplishments thus far of the NFPCA. David McCormack, superintendent of the National Academy, followed with a roundup of the academy’s accomplishments to date and with a look at the proposed academy site (now established officially in Washington, D.C.)

A highlight of the program was the presentation by Chief Rainer Alho of Helsinki, Finland, who told how it is done in his country with volunteers, call men, and full-time fire fighters. Captain Bob McLeod of the Sarasota, Fla., Fire Department, gave a most interesting presentation on “collapse”—not building—but of fire fighters. Complete with slides and diagrams, his presentation covered the physiological and even psychological factors that can knock a fire fighter out at a fire or emergency.

Exhibitors at the conference, which is now second in size to the International Association of Fire Chiefs conference, numbered 154 with some 80 pieces of apparatus that ranged from minipumpers and ambulances to 100-foot aerials.

Newly elected officers of the association were: President, Tioga County Coordinator Robert G. Butterfield; first vice president, Chief Francis J. Quinlan, Cortland, and second vice president, George MacPeek, Bowmanville.

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