Balance in the diet is mighty important — whether it’s your food or your reading. Without this balance, something is neglected.

In FIRE ENGINEERING you get a wellbalanced editorial diet, especially and deliberately designed to interest everyone in the fire field — whether their department is large or small, paid or volunteer. No part is neglected. Every issue is crammed full of real worth-while information and ideas you can put to work.

The following letter illustrates our point very well. It’s from the Chief of a small department and shows how useful the correct “editorial balance” can be.

“We find that FIRE ENGINEERING fits in very nicely with our instruction program and school.

“Most courses of fire department instruction are for large city departments which have an unlimited amount of equipment and man power, and are not suitable for the part paid and part volunteer departments where only one or two pumpers are available.

“We had been trying for some time to find suitable material for our mostly volunteer organization but had no success until we started reading your magazine.”

“The proof of the pudding,” so they say, “is in the eating.” The well-balanced reading diet, which FIRE ENGINEERING provides, furnishes the “vitamins” necessary to keep abreast of progress in fire protection.

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