All arrangements for the convention have been made; the committee is now perfecting details; and everything points to a successful meeting.

Special arrangements have been made for the care and entertainment of the ladies, and they will be in charge of the following Ladies’ committee:

Mrs. Frederick W. Gooderson, chairman; Mrs. John Johnson; Mrs. Walter Smith; Mrs. Charlotte Allen; Mrs. George L. Ross; Mrs. Mathias Gooderson; Mrs. Margaret Bennet; Mrs. Lilian Baugher; Mrs. Walter Laine; Mrs. Charles R. Perkins; Mrs. Frank Fleming; Miss Estelle Gooderson. After the automobile ride Mrs. Frederick W. Gooderson will preside at the luncheon that will be given at Claremont.—The headquarters of the Citizens’ committee will be at the Murray Hill hotel, with a suboffice at the Grand Central Palace.—Over eighty applicants for space have been received, and the exhibition promises to be one of the finest of its kind ever seen in the city.


Tuesday, Sept. 16.—it a. m. Opening address, probably by Mayor Low, and fire chiefs. 3 p. m. Business session. 8 p. m. Reception in Grand Central Palace.

Wednesday—Sept. 17.—The whole day will be devoted to the exhibitors for examining and testing fire apparatus and appliances. 11 a. m. Ladies’ automobile ride starting from Murray Hill hotel, through Central Park, and up Riverside Drive, with luncheon at Claremont. One hundred automobiles have been engaged for this outing. 8 p. in. Theatre party, at the Broadway theatre, where “Sally in our Alley” will be witnessed.

Early in the evening the National Association of Fire Patrol Superintendents will meet in business session.

Thursday—Sept. 18.—9:30 a. m. Business session. 1 2, noon. Boat excursion, leaving from the foot of East Thirty-first street, and proceeding round the Battery, and up the Hudson opposite Grant’s tomb, thence down the river to the. upper bay, where an exhibition of a fireboat will be given, and then up the sound, returning at 6. p. m., landing at the same place as embarking. There will be music and refreshments on board. 8 p. m. Business session.

FridaySept. 19.—9 a. in. . Final business session.2 p. m. Entertainment at Fire Headquarters, 157 East Sixty-seventh street, where a life-saving drill will be given; companies will respond to an alarm of fire; and the different bureaus of the department will be inspected. 8 p. m. At Grand Central Palace, band concert, followed by dancing and refreshments. Invitations will be sent to all municipal officers and others prominent in the city, and the public will be admitted to the hall, by ticket, for the nominal sum of 25 cents each day, excepting Wednesday, the 17th inst, and the evening of the last night. Bain’s Sixty-ninth Regiment band has been engaged, and will be on hand each day. Admittance to the hall will be by badge or ticket, and badges will not be given out except to those members of the association in good standing. To this rule the committee will firmly adhere, and beg attending delegates kindly to attend to the matter of paying dues before coming to the convention. The business sessions should prove unusually interesting and instructive, as many timely and important papers will be read by chiefs thoroughly familiar with their subjects.


Chairman Press Committee.


In response to the circular letter sent to exhibitors asking description of their exhibits the following have been received:

The Woodhouse Manufacturing company, formerly Brass Goods Manufacturing and Supply company: Woodhouse patent circular life-saving nets, with spring cushions; Woodhouse electric light wire-cutters; Woodhouse patent fireboat water towers; standard fire department couplings, Siamese connections, fire extinguishers, play pines, revolving nozzles, roofcutters, life-belts, automatic and wall stationary hose reels, aerial ladder pipes, pompier ladders, and a full line of supplies pertaining to fire department, factory, and mill use, embodying all the latest firefighting appliances known in the United States.

Weider & Pond: Harness, collars, and the improved Weider patent pipe collar, fire and ambulance harness, non-chokable fire collar, fire harness complete with the collar and the Waterhouse trip for fire harness.

The Gutta Pereha Rublier Manufacturing company : Maltese Cross and Baker Fabric fire hose, jacket hose, suction and buckets.

New York Coupling & Supply company: Swift nozzles. Peerless shut-offs, standard navy couplings.and United State navy couplings, expanders, automatic and plain.

J. S. Thorn & Co.: Galvanised iron fireproof metal window frames and sashes, with u’ire glass, with automatic closing devices.

Ajax Motor Vehicle company: Electric automobiles, the Ajax runabout, special fire chief’s wagon, embodying ambulance service.

Factory Fabric company: Wax and gum-treated rubber-lined, cotton fire hose, Hart specialties.

Electric Contract company: Automobile gaugeglass lamps, illuminated clocks, electric candles, night lights, and novelties, dry cells and batteries.

Malcolm Hunter: Life-saving nets, Pope ladders.

The Ball-Bearing Snap Hook company: Fire department special “Mogul” draught springs.

Globe Manufacturing company: Firemen’s waterproof clothing, Donnelly’s “Old Glory” quick-hitch turn-out suits, improved firemen’s rubber boots.

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber company: Various brands of hose, a complete line of pipes, fire department supplies, improved pipes and nozzles.

The Cornelius Callahan company: Fire hose and fire department supplies, New York nozzle, automatic lantern globe.

The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph company: Fire alarm apparatus.

The Fyricide Manufacturing company: Dry compound extinguishers, automatic safety extinguisher box.

The Wells & Newton company: Methods of installation of standpipes for tall buildings.

Edward I. Root, Captain, Engine 8, New York fire department: A valve that will control the escape of gas at fires.

Diggs Fire Extinguisher company: Fire axes, fire hooks, fire pails, dry powder tubes, other fire appliances, fire extinguishers.

Smith-Warren company: Automatic closing fireproof metal window frames and sashes, weathertight automatic sliding sashes.

Glazier Universal Nozzle company: The Glazier nozzles for fire department, for standpipes, factories, and lawns.

Armstrong & Larsen: Armstrong’s improved patent adjustable hames and collars, swinging harness, harness-trips for rope hangers, breast collar lock, pole snaps.

Coffin Valve company: Walker fire hydrant.

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