A Case of Bad Luck for Olcott

A Case of Bad Luck for Olcott

It is rare indeed that a community has a chain of unfortunate circumstances such as befell Olcott, N. Y.

A small child shot a firecracker which alighted on the counter of a store stocked with fireworks for July Fourth. Instantly fireworks exploded in all direction and the building started to burn.

Olcott Fire Department trucks balked and could not he started. A call was sent to Newfane for aid. There the fire siren would not sound, and in the meantime the pyrotechnic display in Olcott continued. Aid was asked from the U. S. Coast Guard at Olcott Beach and from the crew of a sub-chaser. While this was going on, Olcott firemen arranged for a tow car to move the apparatus, and in Newfane the operator was calling as many firemen as she could reach.

The fire was finally extinguished, in spite of all the incidents.

Fire House Opened in Greentree, Pa.—Volunteer firemen of Greentree, Pa., have opened a new fire house. Thirty volunteer companies from various parts of Allegheny County took part in the ceremony.

Injunction Halts Apparatus Purchase—A taxpayer suit was started to prevent Margretta, Ohio, from purchasing new fire apparatus. The taxpayer claims that the township has sufficient apparatus.

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