The following questions were asked at a civil service examination for deputy fire chief, held on December 12, 1906:

  1. Name the officials of the fire department according to their rank.
  2. What are the duties of the chief?
    1. What are the duties of the deputy chief as prescribed in the rules and regulations of the fire department?
    2. What are the duties of the house captains?
  3. What signals are used for the starting and stopping of a fire engine?
  4. What officer of a company is in command at a fire, and who takes his place in his absence?
  5. What are the duties of a permanent fireman on the Fourth of July?
  6. Name three fire alarm boxes installed so far in 1906.
  7. What is the size of the water main on State street from Dock street to Crescent Park?
    1. What are the sizes of the feed-mains running from the Rotterdam pumping station to State and Albany streets?
    2. What is the route of these mains, and through what streets do they pass?
  8. In what part of the city is the lowest pressure at hydrant?
    1. Where will you find the highest pressure?
    2. What is a pound-pressure equal to?
    3. If the pressure at a hydrant at Broadway and Crane street is 60 lbs., what will be the pressure up Crane street 35 ft. from the hydrant?
  9. Write a communication to the chief of the department making a complaint against a member of the department.
  10. What ingredients are used to charge a chemical tank, and how is it done?

The above questions were set by the civil service board for candidates for the position or deputy chief in the fire department of Schenectady. N. Y. The qualifications necessary for a candidat to be eligible for the position arc as follows: He must be a first-grade fireman and stand not less than five feet six inches in his stocking feet. He must also be between the age of twenty-five and forty and an active member of the fire department.


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