A Criminal Acrostic

A Criminal Acrostic

In his exhibit at 61 Chambers street of proofs that over-insurance is the cause of many of the fires that occur in New York City, Fire Commissioner Johnson is giving out to all visitors a post card containing the following information:

Arson destroys more than $4,000 worth of New York property each year.

Restriction and regulation of Fire Insurance will end Incendiarism.

Setting fire to property for insurance is rare in Europe

Owing to the fact that “Firebugs” cannot obtain policies;

Nor is Fire Insurance issued without inspection of risk,


Iinvcstigation into character of applicant. The Fire Department of

New York obtained $127,500 of Fire Insurance on “property” worth the

Sum of $3.96. the “property” consisting of a few old chairs, etc.

Unless Legislation is enacted to

Restrain the indiscriminate granting of Fire Insurance policies.

Arson will continue to be a widespread PUBLIC MENACE.

No good citizen should fail to join the

Crusade of the New York Fire Department to stamp out Incendiarism.

Enlist in this movement by sending your name and address to:

JOSEPH JOHNSON, Fire Commissioner, 157 E. 67th St., New York City

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