A Deserved Compliment.

A Deserved Compliment.

The Lock port Union of May 2 says: “A second Convention of the Fire Department was held in the Common Council chambers last evening, for the purpose of nominating a Chief Engineer and two Assistants for the ensuing year. After twenty ballots had been taken with no result but a tie each time (Mr. McNeil receiving nine votes and Mr. Ellis nine) the Convention adjourned sine die, after requesting the Chief Engineer to present the fact of their being unable to agree upon a candidate for Chief to the Common Council, and to recommend them to select as they saw fit.

L. J. McParlin moved the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted :

Whereas, The year for which John Hodge, Esq., was elected Chief Engineer has expired, and his term of office ended as such ; and,

Whereas, We regret the decision so emphatically given that he will not fill said position ior another year, we cannot, in justice to Mr. Hodge, allow this opportunity to escape us at this time to express our feelings in regard to his services as our Chief Engineer ; therefore,

Resolved, ThaCAve regret the necessity that sunders the ties that so pleasantly bound us the past year in the Fire Service, and we hereby testify to an abiding confidence in Mr. Hodge for the fair, honest and impartial manner in which he has acted toward the whole Fire Department, while at the same time he was ever watchful of the taxpayers’ interest ; and may the same kindly feelings continue to exist between us in private life as has ever surrounded us iu our Department transactions.”

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