“A Dollar Saved….”

“A Dollar Saved….”

  • In answer to the traveling Scotchmen who had asked fur the rates, the telegraph clerk responded: “A wire to San Francisco will cost you ten cents a word for ten words. There is no charge for signature.”
  • The Scot rubbed his forehead with a pencil. “Well,” he muttered finally, “s’pose you just send my signature.”

    “All right, I’ll do that for you. What’s your name?”

    “Well, I may not look it,” he replied seriously, “but I’m an Indian, an’ ma name is Big-Chief-Won’t-Be-Home-Till-Friday

  • There are ways and ways of saving money without necessarily digging into any bag of tricks. Sensible economizing is one of the finest traits any man can develop. It’s surprising how many corners you can cut if you really make up your mind to do it.
  • For instance, as one step in the right direction, our Subscription Department wants known that you save a dollar in extending your subscription for two years. The two-year rate is $5 against $3 for one year, a saving well worth taking advantage of.
  • Frankly, we are glad to make this allowance because it helps eliminate a lot of bookkeeping. Thus you save and we save, so what could be finer?

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