It is not often that a family with a history such as attaches to that of H. Mueller and Sons, of Decatur, Ill., is to be found. Few men can show such good business results as this family, even after generations of work in a single line. H. Mueller, the father and head of the firm, is a native of Germany. He came to this country in 1852, and began business in a small way, with a little stock of guns, revolvers, etc. Being a thorough mechanic,he soon built up a flourishing trade, and erected in 1872 a three story factory in a crowded portion of the city. From this place the plumbing business and a sporting goods department had to seek other locations, each being conducted in separate stores. As his boys grew up he initiated them into the mysteries of the business, and to-day he is surrounded by six grown up sons who understand every minutia of the business-live.active,and pushing business men, an honor to their parents, and a credit to the city of their nativity. 101895 the firm was compelled to seek larger quarters, and erected the present factory building which covers nearly half a block. In 1896, they disposed of their interest in the plumbing department, and have given their sole atten tion to manufacturing their line of specialties, among which may te mentioned the Mueller tapping machines, water pressure regulator, and all kinds of brass goods and other supplies. The M. M. brand is becoming well known all through the United States, and all that bears It is eagerly sought after by water works and plumbing supply houses. This firm makes an annual exhibit at the convention of the American Water Works Association; and this year will be no exception. Those who desire to look into the merits of the H. M. brand will do well to attend the convention in Denver and examine their goods.

The thirty-first annual report of the water department of Newburgh, N. Y..shows receipts from all sources $87,606.09, and expenditures, $76,69691. The supply has been abundant during the year. Four thousand and forty six feet of six-inch water main was laid during 1896, with all necessary hydrants, branches, gates, and fittings at a cost of $3,095,99; a sluice way has been constructed through Silver stream basin at a cost of $5(16.19, and 1,175 cubic yards of muck and vegetable matter have been removed. On July 1. of this year $65,000 five per cent, bonds will fall due. Newburgh does not patronize water meters.


At Middleboro Mass, there are fifteen and three-eight miles of pipe laid; six hydrants were set during the year-whole number. 108; seventeen meters-whole number, 273; 1,201 feet of service pipe put in-whole amount, 42 469 feet. Net cost of extensions of mains and service pipes, $3,978.81. Only residents of the town have been employed in making extensions.

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