UPWARDS of eleven years ago The Fireman’s Journal first made its appearance. We were informed in advance that a paper devoted exclusively to the fire departments could not be successful, for the reason that the patronage to be derived from that department was not sufficient to support a first-class paper. This warning came to us from various persons who had experimented in the same direction, and who, we have since learned, were well informed upon the subject. Nevertheless, wc persisted in our enterprise and established The Fireman’s Journal. It did not take us a very long while, however, to prove that what had been told us was correct, and when competition was developed by the establishment of other papers, it became evident that some new departure must be made in order to maintain the standing which The Fireman’s journal was determined to preserve, of being a respectable, clean, instructive paper. We accordingly determined, about two years ago, to extend the field of our enterprise and to include with fire department news information regarding everything pertaining to the matter of fire protection and municipal enterprises in general. We therefore changed the name of the paper to FIRE ANIIWATKR, thereby indicating our purpose to embrace within its news features everything pertaining to a water supply. The water supply of any locality is as much a necessity for fire protection as is the fire apparatus, for one is useless without the other, and firemen should be as well informed regarding water-works matters as they are regarding their own apparatus. While there might seem to be two branches of industry thus presented, they are, in fact, identical—both necessary to and a part of the matter of fire protection. It is gratifying to us and should be to our patrons that the change we have made has contributed largely to the development and to the prosperity of our enterprise. Our circulation has been more than doubled, while our advertising patronage has been largely increased, thus enabling us to enlarge the paper and to present twenty-eight pages weekly instead of the sixteen pages of smaller size with which we started.

While making this change we at the same time devote more space than previously to fire matters, but the pressure of news matters upon our columns is so great that we are obliged to condense everything into short paragraphs, and instead of giving long communications from special localities, which were of little interest outside of those particular localities, we now cover the entire field, giving in brief paragraphs all the news that we can gather relative to fire departments, waterworks and other municipal news. We make a specialty of presenting under the headings ‘‘Contracting News” and “ Proposals” information as to the requirements of the different cities and villages of the country, thus keeping manufacturers and contractors informed of what may be required in their special lines. These features have been found of exceeding value, creating a demand for the paper in directions previously unknown to us, and as we have said before, more than doubled our former subscription list. FIRF. AND WATER now circulates not only in fire departments as extensively as heretofore, but among large manufacturers, contractors, engineers, builders, and persons otherwise identified with the great business enterprises of the country. Thus the cards of our advertisers are placed before a large constituency, all of whom at times need and purchase the articles they have to sell. Fire apparatus of different kinds is as much in demand nowadays for the protection of large industrial plants, factories, mills, etc., as it is in the fire departments, and our patrons now have the advantage of placing their advertisements before this class of purchasers. Architects and builders engaged in the construction of these factories and mills are placed in communication with the manufacturers of these various fire protective appliances, and our correspondence shows that they avail themselves of these to a very great extent. While we have lost none of our interest whatever in the fire department service, we have gained an interest in a co-relative branch of the service which has tended to broaden our ideas very greatly in regard to matters of fire protection, and enabled us to present a much more complete, newsy and interesting paper than ever before. We shall continue to improve FIRE AND WATER as time and circumstances require, to enlarge it and to add such new features as may be instructive to all persons interested in this subject of fire protection, which is daily growing in importance to the whole country. It is our aim now, as it always has been, to make a first-class journal, filled with news of interest to the firemen of the country, which shall be at the same time more or less instructive in its character. As fire departments are developing in usefulness, in accordance with the demands of the times, so we have found it necessary to broaden our field with the idea of extending our usefulness and of presentfng a more comprehensive view week by week of the requirements of the fire service, including the water needs of the old and new communities. That our efforts in this direction have met with approval, is evidenced by the largely increased patronage we have received since the change referred to was made. We allude to this at this time of the meeting of the National Association of Fite Engineers, because we are confident that a majority of its members are in sympathy with our efforts, because we have received from them in years past the greatest amount of encouragement, and because we look to them to aid us with their advice and counsel in the future ; also, because with this issue we send out a very large number of sample copies of the paper, in addition to our regular subscription list, with a view to bringing FIRE AND WATER before many persons who are yet unfamiliar with its character.

Whi’e thanking our many friends and patrons lor their favors in past years, we congratulate them, as well as ourselves, upon the fact of the extended influence and usefulness that has come to their journal through the broadening of its field.

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