A Go-Anywhere Fire Fighter

A Go-Anywhere Fire Fighter


Lansing, Mich. Fire Department

The problems created by underground parking facilities and parking ramps have been solved, we feel, by our new mini-fire fighting truck. It carries a John Bean slide-on pump, tank and hose reel unit with a pump capacity of 10 gpm at up to 500 psi. The tank holds 100 gallons of water, and there is 150 feet of 1/2-inch hose on the reel.

A Kohler 7-hp engine with an electric starter uses a belt drive to power the Bean Royalette two-piston pump. A pistol-grip, high-pressure nozzle is used on the high-pressure hose.

This unit is on a Ford Bronco, Model U-100, four-wheel-drive chassis with 158-hp engine. There is a 3-ton winch mounted on the front of the truck, which has a 92-inch wheelbase. The unit also carries a variety of extinguishers and tools.

Our mini-fire fighter is at the Central Fire Station and we use men assigned to other apparatus at the station to man it. The dispatcher sends the mini-unit on calls involving autos on the street or in parking facilities. This compact unit is ideal for grass and brush fires and for maneuvering in heavy traffic on depressed super highways while responding to accidents or vehicle fires. We also use the minifire fighter for flushing flammable liquids off streets.

When the dispatcher does not know what the alarm involves, the officer in charge can call, usually by radio, for this special unit if its services are desirable.

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