A Good Word For Cohoes.

A Good Word For Cohoes.

Chief Collin, of Cohoes, N. Y., whose likeness, together with that of his efficient staff, we are pleased to present herewith, in the accompanying illustration, is an official high in the esteem of the citizens of the city which he serves. Chief Collin is head of the police department of Cohoes as well. The city being one of over 30,000, he is consequently a busy man.

Chief Collin has been in charge of the Cohoes fire department for some years, and in that time has brought it to a high degree of discipline and efficiency. The department equipment consists of four steamers, three combi nation chemical and hook and ladder trucks, one aerial truck, two hose wagons, three hose carriages, 10 horses, a good complement ot hose, hand chemical extinguishers and other lesser apparatus. The alarm system is the Gamewell and has 34 boxes. The department is manned by 200 members. Eighteen of these compose the regular paid department, and the others are call volunteers.


Chief Collin personally is a fire enthusiast. He is keenly alive to all the possibilities of his calling, and is frequently seen at gatherings ot firemen. He was present at the convention of the International Association of Chief rire Engineers just held in Grand Rapids. Other than being thoroughly posted chief Collin has a pleasing personal manner as well. He is an affable gentleman, yet under this demeanor is that of clean-cut self reliance which marks him at once as one accustomed to command. His administration of the department at Cohoes is strongly commended.

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