A Handsomely Gotten Up Water Works Report

A Handsomely Gotten Up Water Works Report

The annual report of the water, light and power department of Kansas City, Kan., for the year ending December 31, 1922, has just been issued and is an unusually handsomely printed work of 118 pages and cover. The book is printed on an excellent quality of coated paper, and is profusely illustrated with half-tone views of the various buildings, interiors and machinery of the department, besides diagram and numerous tables.

The report of the water department occupies the center part of the book, from pages 22 to 66, and includes balance sheet, statement of profit and loss, summary of cash receipts and cash disbursements, analysis of additions to plant and equipment, analysis of cash receipts and disbursements, general bond statement, statement of investment bonds held by sinking fund, analysis and summary of accounts receivable and payable, comparative table of cost for pumping and distributing water per 1,000 gallons, comparative statement of earnings for years 1921 and 1922.

In the statement of earnings the gross income for 1921 was $516,674.67 against $593,958.13 in 1922. The expenditures for 1921 amounted to $486,730.93 and for 1922, $509,183.86, making a net profit for 1921 of $29,943.74 against $84,774.27 for 1922. The source of supply for Kansas City is the Missouri River and the method of supply is pumpage. The reservoir capacity is 16,000,000 gallons, the elevation being 565 feet. There are three settling basins of 1,000,000 gallons each, one of 8,000,000 gallons and one of 5,000,000 gallons. The water department has nine rapid sand filters, one and a third million gallons daily capacity each, and ten mechanical filters, 600,000 gallons capacity each per day.

The pumping equipment consists of: Low duty pumps from river to basin; one 20 m. g. d. low duty Worthington, centrifugal, driven by 2,300 volt induction motor; one 15 m. g. d. low duty DeLaval centrifugal, driven by 2,300 volt slip ring motor; one 20 m. g. d. triple expansion Holly. High duty pumps: one 25 m. g. d. two-stage DeLaval, driven by 2,000 h. p. synchronous motor; one 12 m. g. d. Snow cross compound Corliss crank and fly wdieel type; one 12 m.g.d. Allis Chalmers cross compound Corliss crank and fly wheel type; one 9 m. g. d. Worthington duplex. The total capacity is 58,000,000 gallons. The pumpage for the year amounted to 5,596,102,180 gallons, the per capita consumption being reckoned at 138 gallons.


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