A Lost River.

A Lost River.

The Southern Pacific Railroad Company has lost a river, and in consequence has a bridge whose occupation is gone.

“The Whitewater river has flowed from the Sierre Madre mountains across the sands of the region just this side of Seven Palms as long as any one can remember,” says The Los Angeles Herald. “The station of Whitewater was located where the river crosses the railway and was supplied with water from its current.

“ During the last heavy rains the Whitewater rose in its might and devastated the whole country round about, washing out the bridge and the roadbed and playing the mischief generally. Soon the rains and the river stopped simultaneously, and the river has not been found since. It appeared to become ashamed of itself for doing so much haim, and has apparently slunk away in disgust and sorrow. It is entirely none. At no point does it cross the railroad, as it would have to do were it still in existence in some new course. The railroad company, in order to secure water for its station at Whitewater, has been obliged to build a pipe line way up to the mountains at considerable expense.

“All last summer, during the hottest, dryest weather, the river ran placidly along—in fact, it has never failed until after its ‘ jag’ of this winter. Now it forms one of the mysteries of that mysterious region, the Colorado river desert, and perhaps is flowing by the Pegleg mine, and possibly rippling besides the treasure-laden Spanish galleon which lies somewhere in that region buried in sand.”

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