Calculated for lamplighting on the moonlight system, for June and July, 1888. with special reference to use in New York city, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Practically correct for Boston, New England, New York State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Oregon:


Begin to light one-half hour after sunset or one hour before moonset.

Begin to extinguish one hour after moonrise or one hour before sunrise.

No light three nights each lunar month. Generally night of full moon, the night preceding and the night following.

All lamps supposed to be lighted or extinguished one hour from time of beginning.

The time for lighting or extinguishing is given for day on which night commences. For instance, under April 19, we find time for extinguishing 1.10 A. M. This is the night of the 19th, but literally the morning of the 20th. This is believed to be the simplest method to direct the ordinary lamplighter, and especially convenient to the gas manager, as his day generally begins and ends at 7 A M.

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