A New and Wonderful Construction for a Rubber Lined Cotton Fire Hose.

A New and Wonderful Construction for a Rubber Lined Cotton Fire Hose.

When the Eureka Fire Hose Company first introduced the Solid Seamless Woven Multiply Cotton Fire Hose, as the result of many years labor and involving a large expenditure of money to perfect it, it producerd in its construction a hose which prior to that time had been considered an impossibility, and the ingenious and complicated mechanism by which it was accomplished was regarded as one of the triumphs of modern invention, as circular weaving in a solid multiply form up to that period had never been accomplished. Many manufacturers of looms and inventors had lost large sums of money and failed in the attempt to produce what is now known as the “ Eureka” ami ” Paragon” multiply cotton fire hose, which for years past has !> cn conceded as the standard rubber lined cotton fire department hose of this country, which is now in use in more city, town and village tire departments than any other brand of hose ever manufactured by a company or individual, with a record for durability unequaled, proven by long and severe fire service everywhere. Yet with the wonderful construction in the multiply cotton fire hose ns manufactured by the Eureka Eite Hose Company, they were not content to stand still, but from years of experience in manufacturing fire hose, both in the solid multiply woven and knitted forms, they have been able to discover in actual service the relative good qualities, which lioth of these kinds of fire hose construction had. While the multiply woven hose had the best wearing qualities and durability, on account of the woven outside surface, the knitted ctton hose had a smoother inside surface and would elongate less under pressure than the multiply hose.

With these two pi ints in view the Eureka Eire Hose Company conceived the idea of combining the licst qualities of both the woven and knitted construction of fire hose into one fabtic, and have now ready for the market a newly constructed cotton fire hose, which they propose to call the ” Eureka wove-knit fire hose,” patented May 13, 1890, and which hose not only embodies all ol the good poitrs of woven and knitted hose, but makes an additional improvement by reversing the usual method of knitting hose and causing the looped side of the knitted fabric 10 come upon the interior surface of the hose, whereby a much smoother surface for the rubber lining is procured than has ever been by the usual methods of either weaving or knitting fire hose fabrics. The producing of a fire hose fabric of this character in a solid multiply form, which has a woven outside and has a smoth knitted surface for the inside, and the whole fabric combined together in solid plies, was considered as much of an impossibility to produce now as was the circular woven multiply fabric in early days. Samples of this new •* Eureka wove-knit hose ” have been submitted to several of our leading chief engineers, and they pronounce it the most perfectly constructed fire hose that has yet been produced. It is an entirely new departure in the manufacture of rubber-lined cotton fire hose, and it will at once, no doubt, assume a leading position in the equipment of the tire departments of this country, as the “ Eureka and Paragon ” brands of fire hose have in the past.

To such tire departments that use a jacket fire hose, the Eureka Eire Hose Company invite their attention to the improvements patented October 6, 1891, which they will introduce into both its woven jacket “ Peerless” brand and knit jacket “Surprise” brand of fire hose. This improved jacket hose will be known as the “ New Peerless” and “ New Surprise.”

The improvements in the “ New Peerless ” firehose will consist of an inner knitted tube having its loop stitches upon the interior surface with a woven jacket whereby an excellent wearing surface is combined with the advantages of a knitted tube, having its loop stitches turned to ihe interior surface in order to provide an extraordinary smooth surface for rubber lining. This method will produce a woven jacket hose having a much smoother waterway after being lined than heretofore made, and yet have the advantage of a woven outside for its excellent wearing qualities. While in the “ New Surprise ’’ knit jacket hose the improvement will consist of reversing the construction of the inner tube by having the smooth looped knitted surface upon the inside, thus presenting an extraordinary smooth surface for the rubber lining, while in the present styles of knitted hose the surface inside is not as smooth as the outer surface, or in other words the Eureka Fire Hose Company have simply reversed the construction of the inside of the knitted fabric. All these brands of hose will he placed in the market without delay, lined with the best quality of rubber, and furnished at a price consistent with quality.

THE WIND BLEW IT Down.—Our friend, The American Architect, notes the fact that a large building in Long Island City, N. Y , which was in process of erection, was blown down a few days ago, severely injuring several persons. The building was intended for a theatre, and appears to have been of the cheap and flimsy construction usually adopted for such purposes in places out of reach of building laws and inspectors. The lower stories were of brick, and the two upper stories of wood. About a week before the catastrophe the eccentric, hut energetic Mayor of the town, Mr. Gleason, con ceived suspicions of the strength of the building, and sent Mr. Le Brun and another architect to examine it. They reported at once that the structure was frail and unsafe, but before their re|Mirt was acted on by the board of health, to which it was addressed, a strong wind brought the whole affair “down in a help. Three carpenters, who were on the roof, jumped to the ground, a distance of forty-two feet, and escaped unharmed, but fourteen other men, who were in or about the building, were more or less severely hurt, and two will probably die. The contracter and architect, besides the foreman of carpenters were promptly arrested, and are to be held On a charge of assault, which will be changed to one of manslaughter, if any of the injured men should die from their wounds.

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