A New Book for Firemen

A New Book for Firemen

The College Book Company, of Columbus, Ohio, has just announced “The Fireman’s Textbook,” a new 336-page book of “False and True” and “Completion Statement” types of questions and answers for fire department members. The book is authored by Captain Ralph W. Cassell and Fireman Rudolph P. Pritsel of the Columbus Fire Department.

Over 5,000 of these questions and answers are included in the book, which is made up of six chapters. Chapter 1 consists of 2,800 “False and True” questions in general fire fighting; Chapter 2 contains 1,000 “Completion Statement” questions; Chapter 3, 510 “False and True” questions on First Aid; Chapter 4, 260 “Completion Statement” questions on First Aid; Chapter 5, 155 “False and True” questions on Hydraulics; Chapter 6, 280 “Completion Statement” questions on Hydraulics.

Answers to all questions are included. The book sells for $3.50.

The book is attractively bound in cloth, and the typography is designed for easy reading.

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