A New Book on Motor Fire Apparatus

A New Book on Motor Fire Apparatus

“The Automobile Fire Operator’s Handbook” is the title of a new 800 page book written by Robert H. McNeish, Automotive Engineer, and just published by the Times-Mirror Press of Los Angeles.

This book is the most comprehensive book ever issued on the subject of construction, care and operation of motor fire apparatus and meets a real need long felt in fire department circles.

Liberally illustrated, and provided with questions and answers on the various topics, it will prove of tremendous value to those men studying the construction and operation of motor fire apparatus either to fit themselves for this work or in preparation for examination for motor apparatus operators.

Quoting from the authors preface, “The purpose of this book is to give practical advice and assistance to operators of automobile fire apparatus and to those who desire to become operators; to give a more thorough understanding of the various parts, their functions and how to properly care for each part or unit.”

In addition to enumerating the parts and illustrating them, the author has undertaken to describe them; to tell how they are made; the material entering into their construction; what operation each performs, and to get the best results from their operation.

For the thorough training of the student of automobile fire apparatus an exhaustive set of questions and answers has been incorporated, such as has been or are likely to be put to applicants when taking an examination for the position of automobile fire apparatus operator. The author has worded these questions and answers as they might be given, based upon practical experience of fire department requirements. These questions and answers cover almost every phase of automobile fire apparatus operation and no doubt will be found beneficial to the experienced operator as by the student; a large number are identical with those questions which have been asked of applicants for the position of fire apparatus operator at past civil service examinations throughout the country.

To further assist the reader in getting an adequate understanding of the duties of a fire apparatus operator, the author has applied a simplified set of rules and forms for the readers convenience as well as for other department members who may be interested.

A brief summary of the contents will give a better idea of the comprehensive scope of the book.

Part 1: Fire Apparatus Chassis and Equipment; the frame, engine, the clutch types, transmission, differential and axle types, axle housing, fuel supply and carburetion, cooling system, electrical equipment, lead-plate storage battery, Edison-alkaline storage battery, ignition, and battery charging.

Part 2: Questions and answers on the various topics treated in Part 1.

Part 3: Motor pumping engines and some latest improved motor pumping engines of various types; Ahrens-Fox Fire Apparatus, Seagrave Motor hire Apparatus; American-La France Fire Apparatus; Mack Motor Fire Apparatus; Stutz Apparatus; with a complete list of questions on the preceding.

Part 4: Miscellaneous information and tables of use to the Student of motor fire apparatus.

Part 5: Tables, problems and formulae on hydraulics as pertaining to motor fire apparatus in operation and in tests.

This book is strongly commended to those members of fire departments who arc interested in the study of motor fire apparatus, whether for their own information or for preparation for promotional examination.

The book is published by the Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House, 118 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif., and sells for $7.50.

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