A New Fire Truck

A New Fire Truck

A notable exhibit at the Chicago Motor Truck Show, and one which was the center of much interested attention, was the fire truck shown by the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wis. This truck consisted of a three-ton F. W. D. chassis equipped with an apparatus furnished by the Northern Fire Apparatus Company of Minneapolis.

The F. W. D. chassis, driving on all four wheels, and able, as is claimed, to negotiate all sorts of roads, seems well designed for fire service. The truck shown at Chicago, was set to run at about 2.S miles per hour. It carried a pump capable of delivering 750 gallons per minute with 100-pound nozzle pressure, pumping from city mains. It also carries a 40-gallon chemical tank, two ladders, two hand extinguishers, 100 feet hose, suction hose and strainer, and a large variety of other equipment which go to make the complete fire fighting outfit. The truck seems especially adapted for use in the smaller cities and also in the outer districts of the larger cities where they have little pressure or no water works extensions.

Three-Ton F. W. D. Chassis, Equipped with Northern Body and Pump

The firemen of Elyria, Ohio, have gone on record as being opposed to passage of a three-platoon law. They argue that the city cannot afford three platoons and enforcement of such a law, if passed by the legislature, would disorganize the department.

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