A Providential Cause of Fire.

A Providential Cause of Fire.

The industrious statisticians who annually summarize the causes of fires are indebted to a communication in the Richmond Dispatch for a new term wherewith to garnish their lists:

UNIONVILI.E, Va., March 19, 1894.

To the Editor of the Dispatch:

My friends seem anxious to have the particulars of the fire which occured at my house March 6th, and I ask the favor that you publish the following:

  1. I do not believe that it was an incendiary fire. 1 am on good terms with my neighbors.
  2. I do not believe it was an accident.
  3. 1 believe it was providential. I believe it was due to spontaneous combustion. Now, I will tell you why. I was preaching at lteaver Dam, in Hanover county, when 1 read the news, and it made me feel very sad and very humble in the sight of Ilim whom I serve; so, before I slept, among other things, I said to my Maker, “If it does not transcend the bounds of Thy Majesty, 1 would feel thankful to know the cause of the fire.” I did not advise Him as to how; but knowing that He is boundless in wisdom and power, and loves 1 lis poor suffering children, 1 knew that He could indicate to me in some way, and quiet my mind. So, while walking along the road the next day thinking over the matter, it came into my mind just as plainly as it could have been spoken: ” That big bulk of manure heated and ignited.” Besides, the evidence is apparent. After eight days have passed away there is no apparent heat in the manure, which is contrary to chemical laws if it had not been heated before. The loss is considerable, but my grief is for the poor horse. To think that he had to stay in the heat and burn to death !

While on my trip through Louisa, I baptized K. D. Hill, near Bethany Church. The avenues of Christian love are open.

E. R. PERRY, Evangelist,

Unionville, Va.

The official trial trip of the battleship “ Indiana,” which the Cramp Ship Sc Engine Bldg. Co., have about completed, will no doubt take place in the course of a few weeks; This vessel is supplied with an entire outfit of Blake pumps, including the hydraulic pressure pumps (or working the guns and turrets; also including the Blake system of vertical twin air pumps, which have proved so remarkablysoccc~s~u1 on the cruisers ‘New York” aud “Columbia”

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