A Question of Fire Alarm System.

A Question of Fire Alarm System.

To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER.

We are agitating for a new alarm on our central fire hall and I want opinion on the subject. Dundas is about one mile long and half mile wide, principally manufacturing; population about 4000. The Grand Trunk railway runs almost through the town. Bells or whistles are used by all the mills and factories and on this account our boys favor a triangle alarm, worked automatically. Will some of your readers tell us their experience under similar circumstances, to aid us in coming to a decision?

JOHN S. FRY, Chief Dundas Fire Brigade.


[The idea of a triangle, which would need, however, to be pretty large, is not a bad one. In the town of Orange, N. J., where there are a number of manufacturing establishments using both whistles and bells, the alarm for fire are. however, now given on a large whistle with a peculiar sonorous sound which can Ire readily recognized from the factory whistles. The town is divided into districts and the location of the fire indicated by the number of the district sounded on the whistle. This plan also works well in other places not yet sufficiently developed to support an electric telegraph alarm. Perhaps some of our readers can give you additional hints.—Ed. FIRE AND WATER.]

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