A Small Boy In Trouble

A Small Boy In Trouble

—Photo courtesy Son Francisco Fire Department.

Small boys are renowned for getting into trouble. Usually it happens deliberately and often furtively, but always away from the watchful eyes of parents.

The sad-eyed tyke pictured above reversed the usual procedure. He was with his mother shopping in a downtown San Francisco department store and apparently not looking for trouble, deliberately, furtively, or any other way.

He was wearing tennis shoes. Somehow, and nobody knows how, his left foot became trapped between the escalator step and the balustrade. Then his right foot became trapped between the step and the landing plate.

The escalator stopped automatically. Just as automatically someone called the firemen (who has a better reputation for extricating small boys than firemen?).

Truck 1 and Rescue 1 of the San Francisco Fire Department responded. Power tools, crowbars and wooden wedge-blocks appeared.

Gilbert Meuiot, age 7, was equal to the occasion. He was patient and resigned sitting in the hands of Fireman Tom Carrol of Rescue 1. No tears. Just the resigned and trusting expression that small boys reserve only for firemen who are plucking them out of danger—from wells, off rafts in midstream, out of trees or what have you.

The camera man, Chet Born of the S.F.F.D., caught this expression as no one ever has.

Happily, little Gilbert was extricated in 10 minutes, and taken to San Francisco General Hospital.

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